Rik Schueler

Motion Graphic Designer

Hi! My name is Rik Schueler. I’m a graphic designer from Utrecht who loves to see it’s designs in motion.


don’t tell

I can tell a lot about my work, but it’s easier to show.

This is my latest showreel. Everything in this video is shot, edited and animated by myself.


Animation Academy

Maart - Augustus 2020


In March 2020, I started at the Animation Academy at Reducations. This is a study for half a year, one day a week and is brought to live by the video and animation company Redrum. They are specialized in  video, 2D and 3D animation and one of their motion design employees is the main teacher at the Animation Academy. After the study there will also be some masterclasses that I can follow, so this will be the catalyst to my animation specialization.

Communication & Multimedia Design (HBO)

2009 - 2016

Hogeschool Utrecht

This HBO education focusses on the design of media in the broadest sense of the word. Starting from investigating your target audience, developing a concept and strategy to finally creating the product or prototype. These products could all roughly be subdivided in the three categories print, web and video. Besides the separate designed products there was an extra focus on the cross medial story which has to make sense and fit in every media channel.

Spatial Presentation & Communication (MBO)

2004 - 2008

Nimeto Utrecht

Although Nimeto is a small MBO school in Utrecht, it had the biggest impact on me so far. With both an analog as a digital approach, the school focused on display design, stand design, graphic design and off course marketing. They taught the fundamentals of spatial composition, the use of color and typography and how to apply it in either a purely aesthetic or in a marketing way. Those fundamentals are applicable in all sorts of design so Nimeto gave me a solid base to pursue a creative career.

Work Experiences


March 2021 - present

Audiovisual designer at NOS, Nieuwsuur & Jeugdjournaal

At the NOS, I work as a designer for the tv productions of the news, kids news and Nieuwsuur (newshour, a program with more indepth items covering the news). My responisbilities lay at the visual content of studio displays with photo’s, animations or augmented reality. Besides that I also make explainer animations for the various news items.

Rik Schueler

June 2017 - Present

Motion Graphic Designer

In the summer of 2017 I took the step to start as a fulltime freelancer. At first, I started out as a graphic designer with a focus on print, but along the way I found a big interest in video and animation. Now I am specializing in animation with the main focus on explainer animations with the goal to explain complex information in a understandable way.



Motion Graphic Designer

In 2012 I did my internship at Mobgen, a company with its focus on the Mobile Generation. During the internship I explored the field of mobile apps but ended up focusing on motion graphics. After four years I returned as a freelancer to work on some more motion graphics and illustration work.


2015 - 2017

Vrijwilliger, Organisator
afdeling Promotie & aankleding

The IBB-Fest was a free festival, which was entirely run by volunteers. During the three editions I was a volunteer in the organization of the festival and was responsible for the complete design of the festival. This included the design of the logo, posters, website and different promotional assets, but also the design of the festival itself like the signing, banners and the look of the bars and stages.



Graphic Designer

After my MBO and half a year of traveling, I started working at the design agency CreaBea as a graphic designer. I mainly designed logos, branding, advertisements and websites. After half a year I decided I wanted to develop and broaden my skillset so I started my second study, Communication & Multimedia Design.

Other Work Experiences

Cafe Tilt!

2017 - 2018

Assistent manager

After several years working as a waiter, bartender and barmanager I felt it was time to step up my game again so I applied as a assistant manager at Café Tilt! After a month the manager unfortunately got a burnout, so I basically did that job as well. I became responsible for the staff schedules, product orders, educate new bartenders and keeping the bar up and running. It was an interesting year with a lot to learn but after a year I wanted to chase my true passion again, which is design.

Het Gegeven Paard

2014 - 2017


In the last few years I worked at Tivoli I also started to work as a bartender at Grandcafé Het Gegeven Paard. This café had a bit more room to give personal attention to its customers and with a bigger product range there was more room to develop my skills as a bartender and get more indepth knowledge about the products.

Tivoli Oude Gracht & Tivolivredenburg

2010 - 2017

Bartender & Assistent Manager

Since the beginning of my HBO study is was living in Utrecht and I immediately started to work as a bartender at Tivoli. I’ve worked there for seven years and in those years the company moved to the much bigger location Tivolivredenburg and I became barhoofd, which Is a position like assistant manager. During the concerts and club nights, I had the responsibility of coordinating over 20 employees who work at the different bars and wardrobe.


Rik Schueler

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